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Wuxi Suntech receives TOP BRAND PV seal from EuPD Research

Posted on 2016-02-29
A module, inverter or storage system manufacturer, who provides good services and high quality products, can gain a considerable competitive edge over his competitors in the retail market. This year, Wuxi Suntech is ranked among the top module manufacturers based on recommendation levels by British installers. Therefore, Wuxi Suntech receives the “Top Brand PV | Modules” seal from the German market research specialist EuPD Research.


Bonn. Participants of the “European PV Installer Monitor” positively rated Wuxi Suntech as above average in regard to brand awareness and brand management. Wuxi Suntech is ranked among the top module manufacturers based on recommendation levels especially by British installers. Therefore the company receives the “TOP BRAND PV | Modules” seal from EuPD Research. Therewith Wuxi Suntech belongs to the top well-known brands, which are awarded with the Top BRAND PV seal.


Jun Tang, President of Wuxi Suntech says; “This recognition confirms the feedback we hear from our customers, and the achievement this award brings based on installer perception suggests we are doing things right. This is a great effort from the whole team in R&D and manufacturing, but also in the UK for the service given”.


EuPD Research, with its head office in Bonn, is the leading provider of market intelligence for industries and service providers with a focus on sustainability. Through regular surveys, market researchers and pollsters identify the preferences of European installers when recommending module brands.


TOP BRAND PV: How the Seal is awarded


The independent TOP BRAND PV industry seal is based on an annual multi-level analysis of qualified statements in regards to brand perception, brand management and market penetration from installers and intermediaries based in Germany, the UK, Italy and the Netherlands. The award gives interested parties an independent guidance in selecting solar modules, inverters and storage system solutions and helps the brand to determine its own position in the market environment. The TOP BRAND PV seal is only given to manufacturers, whose brand is rated above-average in comparison to competitors.


Awards Help Orientation: Intermediaries and Buyers Trust Seal of Approval


In a competitive market, seals of approval such as the TOP BRAND PV seal do not just offer benefits for manufacturers – intermediaries such as installers can also differentiate themselves once they have proven that they offer high quality brands. This generates extra marketing benefits without additional costs. For end customers, the quality seal offers a point of orientation in a highly differentiated market. The seal is both easy to understand and recognizable for the customer.


About EuPD Research Sustainable Management GmbH:
EuPD Research Sustainable Management GmbH is an international service provider focusing on B2B market research with a highly specialized multilingual interview center. We provide our clients in Europe, Asia and the US with the entire range of qualitative and quantitative research services. With the help of in-depth market knowledge combined with methodological professionalism, we provide practical, future-oriented business solutions and ensure that our clients receive a return on their research investment. Our continuous research has enabled us to develop particular skills in the field of renewable energy sources, particularly in the field of solar energy.
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