Wuxi Suntech PV Module Purchase Statement


Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd (hereinafter “Wuxi Suntech”) recently receives customer feedback regarding low-priced Suntech PV modules escape into the marketplace, which seriously harm the interests of customers and badly influence Suntech reputation. Therefore, Wuxi Suntech makes the following statement.


First, the purchasing channels for high-quality Suntech PV modules are as follows:
a.Wuxi Suntech Headquarters or affiliated agencies around the world;
b.Wuxi Suntech authorized regional agents throughout the world (please request for authorization credentials from the agents when purchase).


Second, with respect to any purchase from nonofficial channels, Wuxi Suntech will not undertake any warranty, neither product warranty nor linear performance warranty.


Third, prior to purchasing Wuxi Suntech PV modules, customers can visit Suntech official website, or contact us via phone or email for verification, to make sure you buy premium PV modules and obtain the corresponding after-sales service.


a.Wuxi Suntech Official Website: www.suntech-power.com
b.Service Hotline: +86 400-8888-009
c.Service Mail Box:
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