White gridded and frameless 60-cell module260-270W poly/270-280W mono

They are appropriate for agriculture-fishery-PV complementation projects.

  • 16.6% (poly)
    17.2% (mono)
    The conversion efficiency is up to 16.6. (poly)/17.2% (mono).
  • 1500VThe maximum voltage acceptable to the system is up to 1500V.
  • 5WThe white gridded glass helps increase the power by 5W.
  • 2400The bearable wind pressure and snow pressure are respectively up to 2,400 Pa and 2,400 Pa.
  • 12 30 0.5%The product warranty lasts 12 years while the linear power warranty is 30 years; the maximum annual attenuation is 0.5%.
  • There is no frame and no grounding is needed, saving grounding equipment and labor cost.
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