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Solar is the most abundant energy resource in the world. But there is more: for decades, it has proved a sustainable and reliable business as well. Ever since we established ourselves over a decade ago, Suntech has shipped over 8 GW of modules worldwide. That is an equivalent of the capacity of 8 nuclear plants and counting. See our imagine brochure.
A new day has dawned at Suntech and the future is bright. Suntech stepped into 2014 with a strong balance sheet and we are now offering list of competitive products.
General Contractor:Renovalia
Location:Puertollano, Spain
Installed Capacity:18.1 MW
Puertollano Progetto verificato di overperformance del 5,1 %.
  • Verificato da monitoraggi eseguiti da terzi
  • La nostra prestazione del 5,1 % superiore rispetto al previsto.


Suntech product conversion rate is usually higher than expected. Please see the relevant business case.



Did you know?
That with only 35m2 roof surface you can cover the electricity needs of a 3-4 person household.
-We assist every single customer to make the most out of sunlight for everyday life.
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Erfahren Click here to learn about our new product features and benefits, in addition to our existing warranty and service, we also provide third party insurance for project development and EPC partners.For details, please refer to our local sales representative
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